The purpose of this website is primarily to give you insider’s access to a seasoned entrepreneur; however, it also is to give you the opportunity to launch your product or idea. Marc Sparks is always interested in providing seed funding—and possibly management—to future entrepreneurs.

If you’re interested in applying, complete the following application/questionnaire and click “Submit Form.”

There are a couple of rules, of course:

    1. Please, no phone calls or visits for submissions or to check on status. All applications will receive a written response.
    2. Submit only the questionnaire below.
    3. All applications are reviewed, but there is no expected time frame for response.
    4. All initial submissions are limited to two pages only.

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  1. We just opened a new Collide center for start-ups in McKinney TX in 9,000 square feet of the Cotton Mill which was formerly the Zynga with friends space. We have some key players involved and I would like to meet to see if you would like to be part of a small select advisory board. No funding is needed or expected. We are willing to pay you for your time contribution.

    My new start-up that finished raising seed capital of 1MM from just 7 McKinney investors and is now generating revenue will be the anchoring company.

    I would love to hear if you would have interest and I am confident that you will be please with the group that is part of this program.



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