Gateway Apartment Groundbreaking Ceremony

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The Samaritan Inn, located in McKinney, is the only homeless shelter in Collin County and is regularly full. One reason for homelessness in our county is the high cost of housing. In an effort to assist those people who are living in the shelter and working full time but still can not leave, because they are unable to afford market value rents; the North Texas Gateway apartments are being built.

The Gateway apartments will be a complex consisting of twenty units- ten one bedroom and ten two bedrooms. They will be located directly across the street from the current facility. Residents of the Samaritan Inn, who meet specific criteria, will be leased an apartment from 6 to 18 months at a subsidized rent. This transitional housing program will provide them with the time they need to save money, change jobs or obtain additional education so that they are ultimately able to acquire traditional housing.

“This has been a problem for quite some time, says Lynne Sipiora, Executive Director of the Samaritan Inn. People are doing everything they should to become independent but they simply aren’t making the money they need to afford appropriate housing. Minimum wage jobs simply can not support a person, let alone a family”. This complex is the first of its kind in Collin County and is being funded by a single donor. The Marc A Sparks family has long been a supporter of the Samaritan Inn and committed to this project after becoming aware of the urgent need. Typically transitional housing projects such as this; have been funded by government grants that require a two to five year wait from conception to completion. Bureaucracy and a variety of contingencies slow the process down and often times have extremely narrow admission requirements. The Marc A Sparks family overwhelmingly, generous contribution will accelerate the building process and enable those in need to be immediately placed in their new homes. The Sparks donations have played a significant role in making the Samaritan Inn not just a shelter, but a fully comprehensive agency that addresses the entire continuum of services that are required to help make people productive members of society once again. The North Texas Gateway apartments represents the final step; the ultimate “gateway” to independence.

On Thursday, November 30th a groundbreaking ceremony will be held at 11:45 to celebrate this momentous occasion in Collin County history.

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